Nov 8, 2021

International Marxist Feminist Conference

Marxist Feminist Conference will celebrate its fourth edition this year between 11 and 13 November 2021 in virtual format. The idea for an international feminist Marxist conference arose from the feminist work group of the Berliner Institut für kritische Theorie (InkriT), around the figure of the German sociologist and philosopher Frigga Haug. This year’s conference will be funded and organized by Transform! Europe and the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU), together with the Iratzar Foundation, Critical Theory Bilbo-Barcelona (BIBA CT), the Institut für kritische Theorie (InkriT), the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and ParteHartuz.

Marxfem conference logo

The co-founding member of Col·lectivaT Özgür Güneş Öztürk is a member of the scientific committee of the IV Marxist Feminist Conference together with Teresa Larruzea (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, BIBA CT), Jule Goikoetxea (UPV / EHU, BIBA CT), Frigga Haug (InkriT) , Gayatri Spivak (Columbia University). She also works on the organizing committee of the conference with Elena Beloki (Iratzar Fundazioa), Teresa Larruzea (Sorbonne Nouvelle University, BIBA CT), Jule Goikoetxea (EHU, BIBA CT), Heidi Ambrosch (Transform! Europe), Itziar Amunategi ( Iratzar Foundation) and Idoia Zengotitabengoa (Iratzar Foundation).

This conference is attended by internationally renowned feminist and Marxist speakers, thinkers and activists, including Christine Delphy, Nancy Fraser, Silvia Federici, Ochy Curiel, Lorena Cabnal and Ana Cecilia Dinerstein. And in accordance with the format we have given in the plenary sessions, these speakers will discuss different issues that occupy the feminist and Marxist agendas of today. In addition to these plenary sessions in which historical feminists will talk to each other, there are also fifteen panels organized in which you can listen to different groups as well as individual presentations of various profiles: academics, activists and trade unionists, etc. with the will to open the conference in theoretical and political practice terms.

The conference is open to all audiences. No registration is required to listen to the different panels and plenary sessions. All updates on the conference are on the conference website.