Col·lectivaT is a non-profit cooperative formed by knowledge workers that provides all-around services of cultural translation, research and technological services for collaborative and linguistic work.


We use our linguistic, technological and territorial know-how to help your organization achieve efficiency and tackle cultural barriers.

Language Services

We are one of the very few entities that offers translation between Catalan and Turkish both directions without the use of a bridge language. We ensure the correctness of our work with the cultural knowledge of both worlds, effectively enriching them. Thanks to our strong technological branch, we are able to work with any file format. We develop new and revolutionary ways of transcription and subtitling using the state-of-the-art open technologies for audio processing, computer aided translation and collective work. A part from Turkish and Catalan, we work with Kurdish, Spanish, English, Arabic and French language pairs.

Language Technologies

We are computational linguists, developers and data scientists who work with technologies of automated translation, speech recognition and natural language understanding. These technologies have wide applications, from assisting the work of language workers in translation, transcription and/or subtitling, to building human-machine interfaces and extracting analytics from any kind of digital conversational content. We focus our work in developing open tools and technologies for the minority languages which are in threat of digital extinction.

Socio-Cultural Research and Consulting

We are social scientists who actively work on Turkey/Kurdistan and Spain/Catalunya. We provide consulting for researchers, journalists and technical equips from the third sector to prepare and manage their projects in the zone. We have close contact with the key networks, we organize the logistics, lifting the cultural and contextual boundaries so that your organization can focus on the impact and successful execution of the project. We set your data infrastructure, facilitate access to it and enable its monitorization with visualizations and dashboards. We provide you with the tools to structure your information, and to protect-save your organizational memory.


Selection of projects carried out by Col·lectivaT:

Data privacy Workshop


Open ASR for Catalan


Istanbul Istanbul

Literary translation

El Sol del Nord

Translation and subtitling

Decidim Barcelona

Data dashboards

Explosives 'Made in Spain'

Territorial Consulting


We are a non-profit cooperative based in Catalunya and in addition to the cooperative principles we hold these values (in dear):


We believe that self-empowerment is the key in de-centralization of tasks and effective decision making. Through it, we strive for autonomy within our organization and also the autonomy of our partners in everything they do. This also entails technological sovereignty, i.e. the independence from proprietary software or technological services that are close and freedom from monopolistic knowledge channels

Critical thinking

We believe that in order to provide our clients with the best and the most accurate information, we need to be critical not only with the mainstream information and practices, but also self-critical with ourselves and our work to aspire for better service for our partners.


We are firmly dedicated to providing integral services to our partners. This necessitates an environment which professionals from different disciplines can collaborate with ease. As a cooperative we are dedicated to provide the existence of a type of environment which facilitates this type of interdisciplinary development.


We believe that competitive practices of the market infect the work practices and internal culture of organizations. However, in order to provide the best service experience understanding the needs of one’s partners should have the utmost importance. Our willingness to put ourselves in the shoes of our partners and colleagues set us apart.

Reverse hierarchy

We know that the person who is the main practitioner of a task has the best insight on it. That is why we believe that the person who will eventually do the work should have the last word over the admission or the execution of that task, and the rest of the members cannot oblige a colleague to undertake a project.

Protection of the commons

We are dedicated to create and maintain resources which are common to a community of knowledge workers. We take part in community driven projects whether it be informing the public through creation of open data repositories or development of free and open source tools.


We value interdisciplinary work and our expertise in diverse areas shows.

Özgür Güneş Öztürk Okumuş

Dynamizer of Research and Consulting

Pelin Doğan

Dynamizer of Language Services

Baybars Külebi

Dynamizer of Technology

Federica Capranico

Business Intelligence Expert

Alp Öktem

Computational Linguistics Expert