Socio-Cultural Research and Consulting

We are social scientists who actively work on Turkey/Kurdistan and Spain/Catalunya. We provide consulting for researchers, journalists and technical equips from the third sector to prepare and manage their projects in the zone. We have close contact with the key networks, we organize the logistics, lifting the cultural and contextual boundaries so that your organization can focus on the impact and successful execution of the project. We set your data infrastructure, facilitate access to it and enable its monitorization with visualizations and dashboards. We provide you with the tools to structure your information, and to protect-save your organizational memory.


Social Research


We do social research with the objective of creating critical collective knowledge independent from hegemonic orders. Our fields of study are the social and political movements of Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria; their state policies, and migration flows. The main purpose of our research activity is to displace a type of knowledge in which the social phenomena of these countries are presented as intrinsic attributes.

Sociocultural Consulting


We conceive sociocultural consulting as an instrument of social intervention that offers transformative diagnoses on issues and situations in countries such as Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. We are interested in cooperating with public and third sector entities who want to carry out research, cooperation or artistic projects in these countries, by sharing our academic and linguistic knowledge together with our experience. We offer our service in all phases of projects, such as diagnosis, identification, data collection, impact analysis, action plan and evaluation.