Language Services

We are one of the very few entities that offers translation between Catalan and Turkish both directions without the use of a bridge language. We ensure the correctness of our work with the cultural knowledge of both worlds, effectively enriching them. Thanks to our strong technological branch, we are able to work with any file format. We develop new and revolutionary ways of transcription and subtitling using the state-of-the-art open technologies for audio processing, computer aided translation and collective work. A part from Turkish and Catalan, we work with Kurdish, Spanish, English, Arabic and French language pairs.


Article translation

 Academic texts, essays, journalistic material

Thanks to our academic and multidisciplinary background, and wide contextual knowledge, we can translate and/or proof-read your academic articles, essays, or other necessary documents for your projects, academic research or journalistic investigation, about a wide range of areas from political science, ecology, sociology to agriculture, forest management, etc.

Book translation

 Literature, article/essay compilations, academic books

If you have a greater volume of text material to be translated without a bridge language, such as compilation of articles, academic books or literature (novels, short stories) we can work with you. Our areas of specialization are mainly political science, social movements, peoples’ movements, feminisms, LGBTI+, political ecology, among others.

Audiovisual Translation

 Transcription, translation, subtitling

A part from translation we can simply transcribe your audio/visual material (such as interviews for your research/investigation) as well as subtitling of your final audiovisual product (documentary, informative/educative spots, etc). We use our own technological tools and platforms for precision, speed, and above all, to guarantee the privacy and security of your material.

Language courses


We believe that language is not only a communication tool but also a medium to learn and understand cultural, contextual and political characteristics of the people who speak that language. Learning a language, in this era, also helps to build autonomy in searching, accessing and following the information, which allows us to create our own critical knowledge about the topics we are interested in. So why not come and learn Turkish with us!