Language Technologies

We are computational linguists, developers and data scientists who work with technologies of automated translation, speech recognition and natural language understanding. These technologies have wide applications, from assisting the work of language workers in translation, transcription and/or subtitling, to building human-machine interfaces and extracting analytics from any kind of digital conversational content. We focus our work in developing open tools and technologies for the minority languages which are in threat of digital extinction.


ASR development

 Automatic Speech Recognition, open and free for your language

If you need an open ASR system for your language, we can do it for you. We have our own language agnostic innovative solution to build ASR models, using publicly available audios and their transcriptions.

ASR integration

 Automatic Speech Recognition offline, private and secure

If you want to integrate voice command functionality to your products or speed up your monotonous transcription work flow, we can integrate ASR to your on-premise system or your products for offline processing, for maximum security and data privacy.

MT integration

 Integrate offline machine translation to your work pipeline

Whether you are a content creator or translator, we can help you integrate machine translation (MT) technologies to your work pipeline. Due to the open nature of the technologies we work with, you can take advantage of MT offline, without delivering your data to third party services.